about us: in 1997 with the aim of creating a progressive unit with global standards in packaging all kinds of red and white meats has started working for the first time in Iran and subsequently considering the available capacities started producing all kinds of protein products ،including hamburgers, sausages, nuggets, tuna fish , etc.، And with benefiting from the world’s latest technology and using the best brands of industrial machineries such as Laska, Vemag, Handtman، MentalQuimia, and hiring more than 1000 expert staff in different departments and creating a supply chain from the best raw materials to distribution with full observance of the cold chain، offering the product with the highest-quality.
Now after almost 30 years of round_the-clock activity of our collegues in this organization we are proud to gain the trust of our esteemed customers and take steps to change the culture and making a reform in the consumption of protein products، in order to improve the quality and level of the products available ،under the control of the contry’s regulatory institutions such as the ministry of Health، FDA and the Veterinary Organizationand and other Organization that are involved in this path with us.
Pooya Protein Food Industry Complex in 2022 and on the occasion of its twenty fifth year of operation، simultaneously presenting new products and expanding the range of distribution of products throughout the country،with the prospect of developing export has started to implement the third phase of factory ، by updating machines and creating mechanized lines for different meat products and the development of production spaces، trying to maintain the Dynamic(pooya is the persian word for dynamic) of our factory ، so we can continue with the highest quality level in serving our customers.

Pooya Protein: Still committed to quality